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Lockheed Martin (Marietta)

Lockheed Martin, Marietta, Georgia

Although we cannot show you most of the work at Lockheed due to security restrictions, B&D has been a constant player in the renovation of buildings both on the North and South Campus.  The amount of work spans decades and the revenues well into the millions when you consider all the service work we have performed for various subcontractors.

Some of the projects we have done at Lockheed:

B-1 Building Mezzanine and Slab Demolition

B-1 Stairwell Renovations

B-4 Consolidation Project

B54 Hanger Modification

B-76 Building Modifications

B82-B83-B84 C-130 Additions

L-10 Mezzanine Demolition

T-577 Reservoir Demolition

General Contractors include:

  • Gay Construction

  • Hensler and Beavers

  • Swofford Construction

  • Reinicke Athens, Inc.

  • Tiermnan & Patrylo

  • J.M. Wilkerson

  • Van Winkle & Compay

  • Winter Contruction

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