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 Breaking & Removing

Breaking and removal can begin with breaking methods, using anything from hand-held jack hammers and robotic breakers to 100,000 lb excavators equipped with 10,000 lb hydraulic hammers.  Removal methods are dependent upon each job, with capabilities for hauling and removing anywhere from 10 lbs to 600,000 tons of concrete.

All cutting operations can be quoted with or without this breaking and removal included.  B&D will safely remove and dispose of all your cut and broken concrete or the customer can opt to be personally liable and responsible for the removal and disposal of the cut and broken concrete left behind after a completed job and therefore, not to be charged for this service.

If choosing to include this service, please ask about our ability to self-engineer specialized equipment for removing anything at any level of difficulty using our experienced teams.

  BROKK Robotic Breaking

B&D utilizes remote controlled demolition machines (or robotic breakers) for breaking concrete, which may exist in an area with limited  access, due to confined space requirements, indoor air quality, load restrictions, or occupant safety.  Robotic breaker machines are the safest tools to use when breaking concrete during the demolition process.  Robotic breakers are electrically powered and controlled remotely, with the operator maintaining a safe distance from actual point of machine to material contact.

The BROKK breakers are compact and maneuverable, able to access areas where other equipment is unable to work; most climb stairs and walk through doorways.  More impressively, the BROKK concrete breaker is more powerful than similar sized concrete breakers mounted on excavators.  Robotic demolition is especially useful in multi-story buildings or live buildings, such as shopping centers, hospitals, banks and other public places of occupancy.

Specialty Services & Equipment

B&D literally has the competitive edge when it comes to engineering and fabrication of specialty equipment.  There isn't a job we can't handle, as our in-house team of engineers and mechanics are capable of designing and building machines necessary for getting a job done safely and efficiently - on time and within cost.

Please don't hesitate to ask for what you may think to be the impossible.


B&D has creatively designed solutions and mechanically fabricated successful results through our ability to strategically plan and develop specialized equipment used for specific jobs with specific requirements.

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