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Maynard Jackson HS

Maynard Jackson Gymnasium Renovation


The gymnasium at Maynard Jackson High School needed to be larger.  The problem was that this gymnasium was part of a "green-roof" system where there was liberally tons of soil, concrete and even trees on top of the gym. 


Through Winter Construction and Tendon Systems, B&D was brought in to cut the roof into sections small enough to fly out.  Meaning, cut, core and rig so that a 200-ton crawler crane could lift the pieces out and lower to the ground. 


A precise cut plan had to be developed based on crane capacity and how we would cut through sections of concrete thicker than 30".  The post-tension cabled beams had to be de-entergized and also flown out - beams that were 7 feet thick.

General Contractor:  Winter Construction

Speciality Contractor:  Tendon Systems

Contract Value:  $1.1 million

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